These days, it is impossible to get all the nutrients necessary to prevent disease, even by eating a healthy diet. A lack of a particular nutrient or set of nutrients in a given organ or organ system gives over the years ultimate failure of that organ or organ system. During the last decade, much has been discovered and proven by Medical Health Experts in independent lab’s around the world.

As can be seen around you, prove is the huge increase over the past 40 years in the incidence of chronic degenerative diseases like Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Strokes, Alzheimer and even Cancer among many others. Of course, genetic predisposition and environmental factors play their role but «predisposition » does not mean that you should have this or that disease. Your body can win against « predisposition » or «environmental factors » if you have all the nurtrients you need. You must do smart supplementation! Then, you will avoid diseases that are coming your way. By doing so, you will enjoy your life not only with a remarkable expanded life span but also with a remarkable increased health span!  

If the Doctors of today do not become the Nutritionists of tomorrow, then the Nutritionists of today will become the Doctors of tomorrow. This statement comes from the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research, NYC, US. This institution, devoted solely to biomedical research to understand the underlying causes of disease, is today one of the foremost biomedical research centers in the world! Its scientists have made numerous seminal contributions to biology and medicine. Over the years, 24 scientists associated with the university have received Nobel Prizes and 21 have earned the Albert Lasker Medical Research Award. Fourteen Rockefeller scientists have received the Gairdner Foundation International Award and 14 have been given the National Medal of Science, the nation’s highest scientific honor. 

 I went to the foot of the Himalaya (N. PAKISTAN) to provide Medical Assistance during the floods (second half 2011-2012). A dangerous place to be! I am not sure when I will go back there…


There should be no doubt that the essential nutrients, be it trace and mayor minerals, vitamins, amino acids or fatty acids are the building blocks to create a healthy Immune System. Boosting our immune system gives in essence the power to the body to heal itself.  It’s THE key to maintain your and my health optimal for decades to come.

We don’t need to suffer diabetes, heart disease or any other disease!  We don’t need to wait till it’s too late!  We need to do smart Supplementation to avoid problems later. It’s the chronic lack of certain essential nutrients over decades that give rise to almost all Chronic Diseases. Ortho Molecular products on the market will stop or reverse almost any bad chronic condition of the body. 

It was already documented on the 1993 (almost 25 years ago!) World Eco Summit  in Rio De Janeiro that human beings are suffering all kind of diseases these days because the Western soils became massively deficient in nutrients (most of all minerals)!

Many people (some Doctors say till 99%!) who die of so-called « natural » causes die in fact of a nutritional deficiency disease. How do they know this? Simply by performing the needed autopsies. It all makes perfect sense as the deficiency of just ONE nutrient can lead to many different diseases.