www.DoctorRik.com has been raised to support the work of Dr. Rik and the Organization “Doctors On Mission”, he founded 25 years ago. He and his local medical teams in Haiti, Bolivia, N. Pakistan & the Philippines reach out to the most needy in these countries. It has always been Doctor Rik’s aim to go “where no Doctor wants to come”. 

This means a lot of sacrifice as they mainly reach out in the deep inland of these already so needy countries. Dr. Rik has assisted in several disasters like Earthquake Bolivia, Floods Amazon, Earthquake Haiti, Cholera Epidemic Haiti, Hurricane Sandy Haiti, Floods and Persecution minority groups in N. Pakistan, Supertyfoon Philippines, etc…

It’s his observation that the real catastrophe happens when the big Emergency Teams leave the place of a Catastrophe, basically following the news media and by this leaving when CNN, BBC, etc.. leaves the disaster region. 

He then stays and start further reaching out by creating and training Local Medical Teams, Local Inland Clinics and setting up a network of support in the most needed regions. 

Dr. Rik is also supporting hundreds of Orphans in Inland Haiti and also in inland N. Pakistan among the heavily persecuted minority groups. More about his work can be read on www.DoctorsOnMission.org 

Here a few images….