“Those who think they have no time for healthy eating, will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” ~ Edward Stanley

1/  Why Is Cardiomyopathy Related To Selenium Deficiency Disease?

 Cardiomyopathy stands for an entire group of heart muscle diseases with several different causes but from a pathological point of view cardiomyopathy occurs due to oxygen radical damage of the heart muscle. Oxygen radical damage of the myocardium can occur in many diseases. Since selenium prevents the generation of oxygen radicals, cardiomyopathy is caused by primary selenium deficiency in regions naturally low in selenium, as was first shown to be the case in the Keshan Disease regions of China. 

 Cardiomyopathies due to selenium deficiency were at first considered unlikely to develop in the Western industrialized nations until they were shown to occur in patients after prolonged total parenteral nutrition in patients with destructive lifestyles such as alcoholics, in patients suffering from intestinal mal absorption or from diseases resulting in decreased Se retention such as AIDS and in cancer patients treated with certain catatonic drugs.

It’s interesting that Selenium deficiency also plays a role in the causation of Coxsackie B-virus (CBV) induced cardiomyopathies, as nonpathogenic strains of CBV have been shown to become highly pathogenic under conditions of selenium deficiency. Classical textbooks of cardiology, even the newest excellent and up to date reference book on “Nutritional Influences on Illness” [2nd Edition 1993, Third Line Press, Tarzana, Calif., p. 189], clearly states that selenium deficiency is associated with the development of cardiomyopathy, while deficiencies of other agents, e.g. magnesium, L-carnitine, coenzyme Q only may be factors in the development of the condition.

 2/ Why Does a Deficiency In COPPER Leads To STROKES And ANEURISMS?

 Aneurysms are most frequently caused by copper deficiency. This is known from studies in many animal species (e.g. pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, cattle, chicks, turkeys, etc.). Copper is needed for Elastin Synthesis, specifically for the oxidative deamination of Lysine. Diminished deamination of this Amino Acid causes less Lysine to be converted to Desmosine, the cross linking group of Elastin. This results in fewer cross linkages in this protein, which, in return, results in less elasticity of the aorta. Copper deficiency was considered rare in humans but is now becoming a concern primarily in pregnancy. In a recent study with 20 pregnant women on self-selected diets, positive balance was observed only if a copper supplement was consumed. 

Copper is required for elastin and collagen biosynthesis. Changes of elastic connective tissues are expected to occur in copper deficiency. Since 75% of the typical diets in the United States furnish less than the current daily requirement of 2mg of copper per day, chronic copper deficiency could contribute to hair depigmentation and skin wrinkling, especially in women.

Chronic copper deficiency, an often-overlooked nutritional problem that is more common than many doctors realize, is certainly a co-factor in the manifestation Osteoporosis, Anemia, Neurodegenerative Disorders, Cardiovascular Disease, and Impaired Cellular Immunity.

Copper plays a key role in myelination of neurons, neutrophil activation, collagen synthesis, hemoglobin formation, and endogenous antioxidant synthesis. Ron Grabowski, RD, DC, Professor of Clinical Practice at Texas Chiropractic College, Houston, and Director of Research for the American Chiropractic Association’s Council on Nutrition states that Copper is a mineral that is greatly under-recognized and under-utilized.  

 Copper is a critical functional component of several essential enzymes known as cuproenzymes.  Physiologic functions known to be copper-dependent are discussed below. It can lower the energy production (due to his critical role in cellular energy production), lower the formation of strong and flexible connective tissue in heart and blood vessels (due to lower cuproenzyme, required for the cross-linking of collagen and elastin, which are essential for the formation of strong and flexible connective tissue, lower the metabolism of Iron (due to the copper-containing MCO’s (Multi-Copper Oxidases) and lower a number of reactions essential to normal function of the brain and nervous system.

3/ Is Diabetes Related To Chromium Deficiency?

There is abundant published evidence indicating a role of chromium in the insulin system (See References below). Diabetes and Hypoglycemia are linked with chromium deficiencies.

Chromium is an “essential trace element” because small amounts of chromium are necessary for human health. It’s important in processing carbohydrates and fats, and it helps cells respond properly to insulin; the hormone, produced in the pancreas, which makes blood sugar available to the cells.

An estimated 60% of the U.S. population is mildly deficient in Chromium. This is probably due to very low soil levels of Chromium, higher intake of processed foods and lower intake of organic vegetables.

Additionally, dietary Chromium has a low absorption rate, which becomes even lower with age. Anyone over the age of 40 is at risk for Chromium Deficiency.

According to USDA’s Richard Anderson, suboptimal intakes of Chromium by people average diets may lead to signs and symptoms of Chromium deficiency that include elevated blood glucose, insulin, cholesterol and triglyceride concentration and decreased insulin binding and receptor number. Altered cholesterol metabolism, accelerated atherosclerosis, decreased growth in young people and delayed healing time after injuries or surgery can result from chromium deficiency.

 These were just some examples of 3 Nutrient/Mineral deficiencies. There are at least 90 nutrients that are essential to human health.

Our Bodies Are Vast, Complex, and Bio-Chemical Organisms. We Are Like Walking Chemistry Sets.

Every function we perform is accomplished through chemical and material manipulation.  We must lay down a solid nutrition foundation if we want to achieve our full potential of longevity.

Our food is dissembled into molecules where one element joining another creates optimal functional health of all organs!  Every second of your life bio-chemical events allow us to do everything to keep us healthy and fight diseases, even cancer.

We can have many nutrients from healthy food, pure air and pure water if this still is « real » in our current world.  It is a fact that the sort of agriculture that has been practiced the last 100 years or so does not give us the nutrients we need, particularly some of the trace elements and rare earths. We are creatures of this earth. We come from the soil, from «clay » as the Bible says.

If we think back on our Chemistry classes and the Periodic Table, we will remember that these elements are the building blocks, the components and the Ingredients of all matter. All known matter, including our bodies, is composed of various arrangements and of various sets of elements.

In other words, these elements are designed to let our body function the way it has to function to have a long healthy life IF we are supplied with the full range of elements we need.  

Sure, we can « get by » without this or that element but ultimately, we pay the price. We lose our health, our vigor and our ability to thrive.

It’s all about Taking The Right Essential Nutrients In The Right Form If You Want Many Healthy And Vibrant Years To Come!

We need to make sure that we have all the 90 Essential Minerals in Our body to experience a long healthy life. Think about what you have read till now. Don’t you think this make sense?

We live in a world where crop soils are sorely depleted of these very nutrients we need. Unfortunately, it’s 100% sure, you can’t eat all these nutrients, even if you are eating the healthiest organic food you can find.

Why? Simply because the soil doesn’t have them anymore after 100’s of years of agriculture where soils at the very best only have received each year some Artificial Nitrates and/or Phosphates. That’s Only 2 Minerals…. You are still missing out on the other 88!