If the Doctors of today do not become the Nutritionists of tomorrow, then the Nutritionists of today will become the Doctors of tomorrow.” (Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research)

Dr. Rik is a Medical Doctor who founded Doctors On Mission. He is currently leading Mission that works with local – indigenous Medical Teams in extreme poor regions and during disasters.

Dr. Rik has experience with Ortho-Molecular/ Naturopathic Medicine since many years. This way, has been created to support the work of Dr. Rik and the many Projects of his Organization “Doctors On Mission”. Doctors On Mission has maintained his focus to serve the “least of the least” since his very beginning in 1990. He and his local Haitian, Bolivian & Pakistan medical teams reach out to the ones who are without any hope. The vision has been always been to go “where no Doctor wants to go”.

This means a lot of sacrifice as they mainly reach out in the deep inland of these already so needy countries. They have done this through long hikes with suitcases full of medicines in the Andes (till over 14.000 feet high), with Horses in the Andes vallies, with Motor Cycles in the Haitian mountains, with Ambulance Jeeps and Hospital Truck in one of the highest Andes regions and with all types of boats (Amazon, Philippines, Haiti).

Dr. Rik organized many Surgical Projects among the poor in Bolivia (1993-2000), brought Bolivian children for surgery in Denver, CO (US) and toke Haitian children to Belgium after the Earthquake (2011). He could do so thanks to the Surgical Skills he had received assisting Cranio-Maxilo-Facial Surgeon Dr. Luc Cesteleyn during his training.

Dr. Rik has assisted in several disasters like in the Earthquake Bolivia (Aiquille, 1998), Floods Amazon (Beni, 2008), Earthquake Haiti (2010), Cholera Epidemic Haiti (2011-2012), Hurricane Sandy Haiti (2012), Floods & Bomb attacks minority groups in N. Pakistan (2010 – 2013) and during Supertyfoon Philippines (2013). The most energy, however, went to the consistent outreaches with his local teams during years and creating better health infrastructure establishing Clinics throughout very needy regions.

It’s Dr. Rik’s observation that the real catastrophe happens when the big Emergency Teams leave the disaster region as they follow the big News Channels like CNN, BBC, etc.. When the disaster disappears from News & Social Media and the main Emergency teams have gone too, little is left to the population who are often staying without homes and without good nutrition. This way, they become vulnerable to become seriously ill. Their Immune System becomes a gateway for all kind of diseases like the Cholera Epidemic after the Earthquake in Haiti or the many tropical diseases that took over in the refugee camps after Super Tyfoon Hayan in the Philippines. Babies, children, young mothers and the elderly are the first victims.

This is one of the main reasons why Dr. Rik started creating and training Local Medical Teams, Local Inland Clinics and sets up a network of support in the most needed regions.

Dr. Rik is also supporting hundreds of Orphans in Inland Haiti and also in inland N. Pakistan among the heavily persecuted minority groups. More about his work can be read on www.DoctorsOnMission.org